"Correct. Refin. Protect"

At Allegiance Customs we provide a wide selection of vehicle care services from our Multi-stage Safe Wash and Maintenance Packages to full paint correction and ceramic coating treatments. Our packages are as listed below. For any further information please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Paint correction refers to the method of removing the imperfections during a vehicle’s finish and restoring it to a far better than new finish. These imperfections include but aren’t limited to swirl marks, automated car wash marring, fine scratches, water spots, etched bird droppings hologram caused by poor washing techniques.

Before any paint correction service we perform  clean and decontaminate the vehicle for the most straightforward possible finish.

We clean and degrease the wheels before foaming down and washing the remainder of the vehicle. We only use the correct two bucket wash methods, pressure wash and dry. Before the initial inspection, the paint receives an iron and fallout removal and a clay bar treatment until entirely smooth.


How do we examine your paint to evaluate the condition?

Firstly we use a ‘Paint Thickness Gauge’ that tells us the overall thickness of your paint in microns, these professional gauges are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars and can provide valuable information to the history of the paint. We also include our years of detailing experience to investigate the paint using xenon light, to also find if the car has been resprayed or repaired, as these are also important factors.

How long does Paint Correction take?

It depends entirely on the current condition of your paint. Some minor paint corrections can take 2 days, while some serious corrections for badly weathered and worn paint can take 6-7 days – yes that is up to 50 hours of polishing, refinement and finishing for one car.

How much does Paint Correction cost?

Time and quality equal cost, so it depends on how long a Paint Correction is going to take. Generally the price starts at £350 for a minor correction, and anything after that is charged at an hourly rate.

Does Paint Correction remove a lot of paint and endanger my car?

If done by a real professional like Allegiance RUPES Certified detailer, that knows about paint types, hardness, depth and uses the best car care products and modern techniques – No. The majority of imperfections are within the first 5-10 microns of paint/clear coat, a modern car should come with 100-140 microns of paint. If the correct techniques are used then the removal of paint is minimal and consistent, a lot of cars have more paint ‘hacked off and unevenly’ by some unqualified detailers and car washes that offer a cheap ‘cut and buff’.

When you polish a car with a machine, it leaves holograms and swirl marks?

Incorrect. When car paint is polished badly using poor technique, cheap products, dirty pads or insufficient preparation then yes, holograms / buffer trails or swirl marks are left in the paint and these can be seen in the sunlight. At Allegiance Customs we prepare the paint surface properly with Gyeon car care product & Clay , use only the best products and 15+ years of experience – we guarantee results.

Why don’t you offer Stage 1 or 2 details?

Some detailers offer stage 1, 2 or 3 details / corrections / enhancements. We do not believe in this kind of ‘detail’ – let alone for a ‘paint correction’. The reality is that the paint on your car is in varying conditions on different areas/panels. For example; the paint on your bonnet or boot is probably in worse condition due to harsher circumstances than the paint on your doors, perhaps. Therefore it will take more time, more ‘stages’ with the polisher and a range of polishes and pads – so while 1 stage might give good results for some areas, it will not for all. We analysis and treat every area of your car with focused techniques to deliver real results and bring all panels up to the same standard, some panels need 1 or 2 stages while others may need 4 or 5 to achieve the same finish.