1. Snow foam and citrus degreaser
(our pre-wash uses a snow foam solution to soften dirt and grime)

2. Iron Fall Out
( The paint work, glass and alloys are then decontaminated using iron fallout removers to breakdown and remove any bonded contaminants and impurities including brake dust residue and iron fillings )

3. Wheels cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner- wheel arches cleaned
( alloy wheels are cleaned using separate buckets and non acidic citrus based wheel cleaner. The wheels are fully turned and throughly cleaned using soft bristle brushes designed for all delicate surfaces including diamond polished faces)

4. Vehicle Rinsed at 30 C
( rinse is performed to ensure all product residue has been successfully removed).

5.  15 stage 2 bucket method
(An intense clean using lamb wool mitts, PH neutral shampoo, soft brushes and a two bucket cleaning method using patented grit guards in the bucket.)

6. Tar and glue remover
(We use a tar remover to agitate the necessary high impact areas with soft, non-scratch detailing brushes)

7. Clay bar
( we use a clay bar on all surfaces to remove any bonded contaminants that the multi wash processes have failed to remove leaving the panels and glass perfectly prepared for correction and enhancement detailing )

8. Rinse of at 30 C

9. Hand dried using big boi
( Non contact detailing methods greatly reduce the chances of putting scratches into paintwork, whilst the wash process still requires a mitt, the drying process no longer requires a drying cloth. Vehicle wiped down with isopropyl alcohol (panel wipe ) to make sure surfaces are cleaned and ready for polishing. )

10. Interior cleaned and vacuumed
(Interior surfaces dressed using G technic c6 matte dash)

11. Stainless steel chrome cleaned and polished

12. Interior glass cleaned
(We use Gyeon Q view & G-tectonic g6 perfect glass a powerful cleaning product, zero smear, anti-static effect helps repel dust)

13. Door seals and rubbers protected

14. Tyres cleaned and dressed
(Satin finish with single coat, gloss finish, based on chemical nanotechnology designed to offer previously unattainable durability, tyres are easier to clean and water repellent)

15. Anti bacterial coat applied