Window Tinting

NR Pro Series Automotive Window Film

Avery Dennison NR Pro Series automotive window films are non-reflective, color-stable and weather durable films in a warm graphite tone. Using sophisticated nanotechnology, NR Pro Series delivers long lasting, great looks and impressive solar performance along with optimal shrink capabilities and zero electronic signal interference.

“A Collection of Films for Style, Comfort and Solar Protection”

Avery Dennison Automotive Window Films combine superior aesthetics and performance with remarkable heat shrink properties for easy and efficient application. Our color stable films won’t fade to purple and are developed with an acrylic scratch resistant hardcoat to enable scratch-free installation and maintenance and feature a Lifetime, Limited Non-Transferable Warranty. Choose from a variety of shades and light transmission levels to give vehicles a custom appearance while improving comfort for passengers, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking harmful UV rays and harsh glare.
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NR Pro Key Features:
  • Exceptional aesthetics, no-fade warm graphite color
  • Broad range of light transmission levels
  • Premium heat rejection and up to 94% glare reduction, with minimal reflective effect
  • Blocks 99+% of harmful UV for ultimate driver comfort
  • Darker tints provide privacy for passengers and contents, for added peace of mind
  • Easy to install with excellent dot matrix fitting and optimal shrink capabilities
  • Stylish car upgrade without any signal interference (metal free)
  • Utilizes nanotechnology with a fusion of nano particles, to ensure high
    performance, durability and long-lasting color

Product application Information

Technology- Nanotechnology UV Stable Dye

Color Tone- Graphite

Construction- 2-PLY Weatherable

Thickness- 1.5 mil

Warranty- Lifetime, Limited Non- transferable

Color Stable- Yes